March 25, 2020

Big Small Ways

There are good days and bad days. Sometimes, the good and the bad even overlap.

If you ask me to pick a day in the past where nothing ever went wrong , I can’t give you an answer because I know that there’s always going to be something causing it to be imperfect – may it be a long line, traffic, misplaced items, rude people, wrong orders, late responses, people not answering calls, among many others.Β 

It’s part of the human consciousness to pick up bad things first before looking into the good things. And this is not our fault – this pre-wired instinct has made man survive life. This starts to become a problem when we only ever focus on the negatives in life. This makes us take for granted the amazing things life has to offer.

Most of you guys who have been reading my blogs probably are in the adulting stage. A stage where you find the most struggles as it’s your first venture out to the big scary world. A lot of different stress will (or may have) come in your way, but the fact that you are still here and reading this means that you are still managing. Up to this point, I am still overwhelmed whenever you guys tell me that in my own ways I’ve brought you happiness. I want to thank you all for letting me be part of your weeks and for allowing me to make you smile.

So happiness… honestly, I have spent much time thinking about how I can keep making things that have a positive impact for you.Β  I’m inspired to do my work, and read up a lot about how I can share with you some ways to help you keep a pocketful of sunshine as you go on with your life. In the process of me creating inspirational things, I found one simple truth.

Happiness is a choice.

From the moment we wake up, we decide if we’ll live our lives guided by a number of feelings – anger, guilt,Β  fear or happiness – so why not choose happiness?

Some people will argue that it’s hard to be happy. I think this is mostly because we expect life to throw us happiness in grand and elaborate forms. Truth is, happiness doesn’t always come in huge packages.

Remember when we are young? Happiness is ice cream, new shoes, a puppy or a joke your friend told you. Why can’t we recreate our own simple version of happiness and live our lives full of them? A bunch of small things eventually creates a bigger picture of contentment and peace. “How to be you”, “Sana All” –these don’t have to be there when we look at our own lives and find joy in the little things. How to be happy? Choose to be.

I choose to look for happiness in my everyday life. This is the easiest way of staying positive.Β  The way I incorporated that in my routine is that before I sleep, I write 5 or more things that made me happy that day.

Here’s my most recent list:

1. I’m flying home to see Slater and Sky today!

PS. i bought the cutest little Halloween costume for sky and i cant wait for you all to see her in it!!!

2. I can now make a decent breakfast spread that Slater actually enjoys! πŸ‘πŸ» Good job self!

3. I’m getting better at being mindful and living in the present moment. Less anxiousness, less complaints. Everything just is- and that’s okay! πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

4. I use my phone soooooo much less these days- and I don’t feel guilt about it either.

5. Getting to spend more time with my family in Cebu!

6. My home office is 80% done and I’m sooo inspired to get back to work!

7. I spilled iced tea on my laptop and thought I’d have to spend 70k to replace it- but SUDDENLY it magically fixed itself and they repair center said i didn’t need to repair it anymore! Woohoo!!!


I actually have another…

8. Writing this blog.

Just scrolling up to what I’ve written down, I can’t help but smile. I guess there really is no secret recipe to happiness other than learning how to appreciate the things in your life that are going well. Not that we have to ignore our own issues, but my point is that we look for hope in the things that makes us happy.

What made you happy today? Take some time to write it down. I’d love to hear about your story. ❀️

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  1. Awwwwww! Very well said ate kryz ☺️😍😍 on point kaayo imng mga words ayy πŸ’―πŸ‘Œβœ”οΈ Choose to be happy gyud always! Together with the Lord, our Fam and Friends β™₯️

  2. What made me happy today? πŸ€” Hmmm kanang giinvite ka ni crush sa ilang church this coming sunday (with my friends) 😊😊

    Wala lng, gikilig lang ko te!!! Hahahaha


    1. My fave line is “How to be happy? Choose to be.” <3

      You are indeed an inspiration to all aspiring girl bosses, grateful wives and empowered women over here. Wish you all the best and happiness in life with my PBB crush, Slater. #IssaGoals kaayo mo te, as in!

      P.S. We had a picture together in a Habitat Phils. event that was held last month in Ayala. It was a dream come true.

  3. I’m being emotional after reading this entry πŸ™ . I want to cry, maybe because I’ve been so down lately.

    It’s true, happiness is a choice. Starting tonight, before I sleep and after waking up, I will list and thank God for what I had and where I am.

    Hayy, it makes me grateful and my heart full <3

  4. Grabe! I’m crying while reading this blog post. So much feels! Very raw and sincere. It feels like talking to my big sister. Giving me a pat in the back and saying that everything is gonna be okay. Thank youuu soooi much for this Ate Kryz! ❀️ (Virtual hugssss!)

  5. I was doing the same thing a year ago😍 Sir Slater is the Mastermind πŸ˜†πŸ˜ and it feels great that everyday in our stressful environment there is something to be thankful about, with others it was nonsense but for me it was a very simple things that made my day extra special.

  6. Things that made me happy today: 😍
    β€’ Lunch with mom
    β€’ Intimate conversation with my husband
    β€’ Published a new blog post on my blog (
    β€’ Milk teaaa!
    β€’ Realization that I’m more at ease today than I was few days ago

    Thank you Kryz for making me realize that real happiness is really in the little things. You’re always gonna be one of my inspirations. Keep doing you! πŸ’–

  7. My fave line is β€œHow to be happy? Choose to be.” <3

    You are indeed an inspiration to all aspiring girl bosses, grateful wives and empowered women over here. Wish you all the best and happiness in life with my PBB crush, Slater. #IssaGoals kaayo mo te, as in!

    P.S. We had a picture together in a Habitat Phils. event that was held last month in Ayala. It was a dream come true.

  8. You are right. Happiness is definitely a choice. And I always choose to be happy.
    I am happy I am spending my weekend here i Batangas with my family.
    I am happy I had a full breakfast meal cooked at home.
    I am happy I am binge watching your vlogs and getting inspired to do vlogs more.
    I am happy that I am not spending my day at the hospital and that I am feeling well.
    I am happy I am fighting my depression with so much eagerness.
    I am happy I am much more aware of my self-worth.
    YAY! Thank you for this Ate. I love you.

  9. A lot of issues made me anxious last week, was feeling low and fed up. I’ve always been a positive person but I think my anxiety button was pressed it caused me to overreact on things and embrace negative feelings. Thanks to your article, such a quick fix and a great reminder.

    You’re right. A gratitude journal helps a lot. Should continue writing. Lovelots ms Kryz.

  10. What recently made me happy is that I finally bought my own domain. I’ve been wanting one for my blog since 2009, and I finally have one now!!! Anyway, thanks for continuously inspiring me all these years. Stay happy! ❀️

  11. hi kryz i’m yur new follower especially your Youtube really inspire me.btw,im a mother of two girls.more blogs and vlogs to come pls…Happiness is a choice indeed.

  12. Whenever people ask me what I wanted to be, I always say that I want to be happy. Others who have it all is not always happy. Thanks for this! And oh, my boyfriend is actually going on an interview tomorrow for a supervisory position. So that made me happy! 😊

  13. You reminded me to be grateful always. And to spend more time that really matters, our Family, Friends and Loved Ones. Thank you for the enlightment Ms. Kryz! God bless you more!

    PS. Watched all your YT vid permi oy. Ganahan jud ko how fluent you are mag bisaya 😊

  14. How timely! Tomorrow is October 1st and may bot be too late yet to start writing my HAPPINESS list ☺ God bless you, Kryz ❀

    P.S. Your beauty is one that I can’t get enough of 😍

  15. I assisted a surgery today and able to saved another life again. I’m blessed and contended with my profession as a NURSE.

    I’m your avid fun Kryz and I keep on watching your vlogs and read your blogs, both are so informative and amazing.
    #fangirlhere 😊

  16. I just turned 20 recently and the “expectations” just grew bigger and heavier. Hindi na daw teens (well, hndi naman na kasi talaga but no matter how I hated to be considered adult, my age continues to remind me that I’m really an adult) and that I should be stepping up my game daw dahil nga 20 na ‘ko. It burdens me a lot to the extent na sobrang selfless na pala ako (its my friend who pointed that out to me). I mean, there’s nothing wrong to be selfless pero yung definition ko na kasi ng hapiness is naka-dipende na sa mga taong gusto kong sumaya and that I have no more reasons to be happy other than that. So, whenever I fail(ed) to make those people feel happy or proud, that’s a total nervous breakdown to me. That’s why I had bad histories of panic attacks and anxieties. And then, I got to read this. I had a mini rewind to my life, specifically for the last 20 years that had past. And yes! Happiness truly is a choice. I remember back then, watching simple One Direction’s videos and MVs, way back in my elementary days, inspires me a lot and gives me the best day ever, so why not do it now, right?

    Beautifully written and inspiring content! Thank you so much for this Ms. Kryz!!

  17. I love this blog! Makes me smile and reminds me to appreciate small things that value the most. More that that happiness is the joy deep inside that no one can ever steal from you. Thank you for being a sunshine, Kryz!

  18. AwieeeeeπŸ’– I came up with so much realisation after reading this✨Thank you for always inspiring me😍 Hope to meet you soon Ate Kryz!😊

  19. Hi Kryz! I had a really long and tiring day, then I saw this. 😊 Happiness is indeed a choice. We just have to learn how to appreciate and find happiness even in the littlest of things in life. 😊

  20. Happiness is definitely a choice. If we could only count our blessings even the littlest thing more than our struggles. Hayy ang sarap sa feeling. ❀️

    Such a good writing, Kryz. πŸ’–

  21. I don’t know if my hormones are getting the best out of me again but I teared up reading blog!!! Hahahahaha Prelims exams just finished and you know how stressful and puyat my days were for staying up late studying and maybe that’s one of the reasons I frown and feeling inis lately :(((( Kryz, you made it again! I learned from you again and I am so so so glad I followed you right after I saw you and Camille Co on Chictopia. One of the best decisions I made. Keep inspiring us and making us happy! Loveuuu lits, Kryzzzie!!!πŸ˜­πŸ’“

  22. What make me happy? , well …spend time with my mom, my dad, my sister and my husband, and let me tell you that I made my dream come true marrying on September 28th the love of my life and start to be a housewife, so now I can relate so much with a lot of things you always tell us about it…thanks for your advices and be my role model and inspare me to be my best self ❀️

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