March 25, 2020

Vanity & Make Up Collection Tour #Skypod

What’s in the #Skypod: Episode 3 is….. my vanity area tour! Who’s excited? (Meeeee!)

I’ve been seeing tons of request from you guys and this is it.. we’re doing it! I can’t tell you how much I love this place – I bet my IG feed gives all the clues.

When Slater asked me about how I want it done, I ran a grocery list of things I want to have within the space. My vanity area is custom-built to my height, my reach, and all the drawers, jars, lights, and other display and storage area is placed ideally to my needs.

I wrote about small happiness in my previous blog and I feel bad that I forgot to add this as one on my list. I mean, the moment I wake up, I come here to plan my look for the day. There’s a bit of a weird zen moment just when the lights turn on –Β  it kind of signals that a brand new day is here and that there are new challenges to face and I’m ready to color my way as I dive into it.

My lovely everyday brushes. I’ve watched a couple of videos to know more about how to choose and care for your makeup brushes. I make sure these babies are always ready and prepped because the quality of your brushes can make or break your look.

Aren’t these too adorable? Elephant accent on my boudoir table!

Want to check out what’s more on my vanity area? Check the full vlog below!

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  1. hi it would be great if you indicate in the caption the names of the products you use since d maintindihan πŸ™‚ thank you

  2. OMG! Everything in your vanity area is just super amazing and to die for! Thanks for sharing Kryzzzie ❀️

  3. Hi! May I know where you bought the acrylic organizer or your lipsticks (the instagram page)? I remembered you mentioned it in one of your videos but I can’t seem to find it! 😭 Thank you! ❀️

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