March 25, 2020

Her #10KryzzzieYears

Last Updated on March 25, 2020 by Kryz


[Hacked in good faith] At 6PM today, Kryz is expecting one of her fashion vlogs to be up. What she doesn’t know is that we sneaked this special video to celebrate her amazing 10 years in the blogging/vlogging world.

So we want to take over this space to share with you guys – her most adorable followers, a short clip that contains the humblest words of gratitude we have for our best boss, Kryzzie.


Dear Kryz,

It’s been 10 inspiring years with such an incredible woman like you.
The blogverse has been blessed with such an awesome, inspiring, down to earth person.
As you grow, we’ll grow with you.


Your biggest fans and most dedicated team
(ft. Slater Young – the most handsome narrator ever!)


24 Responses

  1. Omggggg! Grabe ang narrator nakadagdag feels sa video. Maka goosebumps. Mr Young! Please take care of our Kryzzie. ♥

  2. You will always be the best blogger/vlogger for me. I love all the things that you do and you always do them gracefully and naturally. I love you with all my heart. Cheers to more videos, photos, IG post, IG stories and inspiration Kryzzie.

    1. It’s been so long since i last commented on ur blog lol. Happy 10 years, Kryz! You’re such a blessing & inspiration to everyone. Always here to support u. Love u x

    2. Aww thats so sweet of you to say freeyah. I really try to put my best into everything and i’m so glad you feel it!

  3. You have been so kind to us. You deserve every blessing you have received in this whole decade. I can always see you as an inspiration and my voice at the same time. I always love reading your blogs and watching your vlogs esp. your GRWM wherein you can talk to us about everything. It will be my first time dropping a comment here because I find it troublesome to comment because of some other info I need to fill in. heheheheh that’s why I would always comment on your Youtube vids instead. hehehe More blessings to you Kryzzzzie dear. More milestones to achieve both in your influencer life and family life. May you inspire a lot of people of your Kryzzieness. God bless you always. #10KryzzzieYears

    1. thanks for taking the time and making the effort aiza. I really mean it!!! ❤️❤️❤️ glad you enjoy my videos!

  4. Hay grabe makahilak huhu. I’ve been a follower since I was in first year college. Now i am married and already have a daughter, but when i read your blog it’s like college all over again. Too many good memories, too many life advices from you, too many lessons learned! I am and I will always be one of your fans behind your blog🥺 We love you kryzzieeee!

  5. Congrats Kryz for more years to come, I´m from El Salvador, a little country 15,509 km away from Philipines and since 2009 you are my favorite blogger/vlogger, my role model and inspired me to follow my dreams…thank you for share your life with us and have such a beautiful soul … God bless you ☺

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