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How to Cover a Pimple Without Makeup: Hacks and Remedies

How to Cover a Pimple Without Makeup

We’ve all dealt with stressing over that one strange pimple, as well as how to reduce the amount of oil on your pretty face.

Here are a few tricks we figured could help your pimple get its very own natural and no-makeup concealer.

Let’s get that no pimple goal started!

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Why Shouldn’t You Use Makeup to Cover Up Pimples?

At the time we’re at right now, makeup and skin care products are unbelievably and undoubtedly on the rise!

When we need a quick fix for our zits and pimples, the most logical approach would be to cover it up.

But applying several layers of makeup could also do more harm than good.

After all, these are all still chemicals even if they claim to be organic.

How to Cover a Pimple Without Makeup Products: Tips and Tricks

Makeup, as you can expect, can clog pores.

This includes foundation and concealer. These two are formulated to have full coverage on the face.

In fact, even without makeup in the equation, interferences such as dirt and dead skin cells can clog your pores.

When these pores are constantly clogged for a long duration of time, say hi to your new group of acne!

Moreover, when these pores are clogged, it can irritate your skin, or even worse, cause the inflammation and the lengthening of your already present pimples.

With that, here are a few tricks you can do to cover up without the use of makeup:

1. Hide Under Accessories or Hair

Hide Under

We get it: Habits die hard.

Why not work with resources you already have as you progress on stopping that makeup which can irritate your skin?


If your pimples and zits are somewhere located around your eyes, throw on a pair of sunglasses, and you should be fine!

Not only does this cover your zit and blemish, but it also provides you with a new stylish look for your everyday adventures!

If the day doesn’t call for a pair of sunglasses, you can also try to make your eyes look bigger and defined. This can help bring the focus to your eyes instead of your pimples.


Everyone isn’t lying when they say that your hair can irritate your skin.

Sometimes, we need a little bit of emergency help. Luckily, hair happens to be effective at covering that zit you’re desperately trying to hide.

If you have bangs and the zits are present at your forehead, style your bangs to cover that location up.

Apart from just covering the zit itself, this also covers the redness from the pimple.

Oh, and make sure your hair is CLEAN when you’re doing this trick.

2. Wear a Face Mask

Face Mask

Ah yes, the trick we’ve all been guilty of using at least once in our lives.

It turns out that a face mask isn’t just a great and essential piece of equipment to use when you’re sick.

If you’re hiding that gigantic pimple on your cheek or your chin, you know your face mask is going to cover that up.

A good tip to remember when doing this is to purchase a mask with a neutral color.

In this way, your face mask won’t be too out of place with the rest of your outfit; if done correctly, it should all tie together!

And without that spot full of redness on your cheek either!

3. Pimple and Acne Patches


You know what? Sometimes we’re not all that satisfied about hiding those annoying zits.

We firmly believe that you should show your face to the universe, so here are life saviors we figured could help you out.

And yes, by life saviors, we mean acne patches for quick and easy spot treatments!

COSRX Acne Pimple Patch

When we’re talking about beauty and skin care products, it’d be blasphemy not to include the COSRX Pimple Master Patch!

This thin and clear hydrocolloid patch can avoid any infection and bacteria from even getting in contact with your little bumps.

The best part of this pimple patch is that it sticks strongly, even as you shower and do other activities.

Do you know what this means?

It isolates your zit from anything else that could worsen your pimple and cause acne breakouts. And while it’s doing that, it also absorbs the disgusting amounts of gunk present in your pimples and acne.

They’ve also taken the liberty to provide you with different sizes to match the type of coverage your zits require.

As well as a translucent color to effectively cover up pimples!

Zitsticka Killa Kit

If you want to stop the growth and inflammation of your breakouts, this Killa Kit might be the one for you!

Made out of hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and niacinamide, your pimples won’t even have the chance to get anywhere close to being real.

They aim to bust out all the blemishes on your skin.

Salicylic acid can also decrease the size and swelling of your pimples. Hyaluronic acid will keep your skin hydrated.

To make them even better, they also claim to work out your little breakout in a span of 2 hours!

You won’t have to cover any acne and pimples with this cover-up kit.

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots

Peace Out just came out with these breakthrough healing hydrocolloid dots made out of salicylic acid for your pimple.

These salicylic acid-infused patches easily penetrate your pores and clean out all the gunk and bacteria. They help prevent those nasty pimples from getting any worse.

Enriched with Vitamin A, these healing dots also have moisturizing properties.

Instead, they’re going to promote the production of clear-looking and radiant skin.

This hydrocolloid patch is designed to be thin enough to wear during the daytime and make way to cover up already popped pimples to prevent the appearance of a pimple scab.

Hero Cosmetics Original Mighty Patch

Last but not least, we have the Mighty Acne Patches from Hero Cosmetics!

Advertised as a quick and easy way to shrink away your acne, these patches gently yet effectively pull out the pus from inside your pimple.

That said, there’s no need to pop your pimples before applying these patches!

Like most acne dots available in the market, these are designed to be translucent in colors.

Now you’re able to walk around town with your confidence up the roofs!

4. Treat Nasty Zits and Breakouts


Sometimes, it’s just better to treat those pimples instead of trying to hide them.

After all, what’s there to hide if the stupid pimples and acne are finally gone once and for all?

That said, here are some tips and tricks we’ve gathered to help you treat those pimples you’re all so annoyed of!

Creams and Ointments

First up, regular over-the-counter creams and ointments are dermatologically tested to treat acne and pimples.

Such creams and ointments which are made for this job typically include ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and sulfur.

So make sure you look for those ingredients before getting yourself a pimple ointment.

To be certain, it’d also be a good idea to check for creams and ointments made for your skin type.

PRO TIP: Non-comedogenic sunscreen products also work WONDERS in protecting your skin from harsh UV rays, which then helps prevent your skin from breaking down and be more prone to acne.

NEVER skip sunscreen whenever you go out!

Warm Compress

Just in case your skin is quite sensitive, a gradual way of treating your acne without exposing it to any chemicals is to apply a warm compress to the spot at which the pimple is located.

Doing this should soften your pimple, allowing the pus to come out from its skin barriers in a safe and controlled manner.

Ice Packs

On the other hand, applying an ice pack on nodules, cysts, or hard pimples should help reduce pain and inflammation.

While it may not completely treat and get rid of your pimple like a concealer would effectively hide it, it will make it easier for you to handle in the long run!


Cleansers do not only clean your body. Some cleansers containing specific ingredients help treat acne as well!

Such ingredients you have to look for include tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and witch hazel.

Don’t forget to check whether your cleanser works well with your face.

Otherwise, it could make your acne condition worse. A good idea would be to purchase a cleanser which is good for all skin types.

Spot Treatments

Tea tree oil is a well-known anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial product, and that’s precisely why it’s commonly used to reduce the inflammation of your pimple breakout.

It also contains moisturizing properties, so apart from preventing your pimple from getting too red, your skin won’t go dry!

Drying out your pimple may seem like the best solution to your breakout, but in reality, it’s not.

Having dry skin means that it will most likely produce oil. And in turn, voila, another pimple! We’re certain you don’t want that scenario.

Tea tree oil is the way to go if you want to help yourself balance those properties out.

You can even use this ingredient to make your own blackhead mask at home when you really need a spot treatment ASAP!

The Best Treatment for Pimples and Acne? — What You Can Do to Prevent This in the Future

Prevent It in the First Place-

No one wants to stress about how they’re going to cover their pimple every single day. And that’s why it’s important to always wash your face well!

Prevention is better than cure! So here are a few tips from us on how to hopefully contradict the effects of your hormones and whatever is causing your pimples.

Know Your Skin Type

It might be hard to believe that all people get pimples and pimple breakouts because of our current pop culture and social media impact.

But hey, everyone really does! People with an oily skin are commonly those who are prone to pimples.

But people with combination types get them, too!

Having a knowledgeable background of your skin type gives you a better perspective on which makeup products you could use to avoid pimples.

Wash Your Face

To help prevent pimple breakouts, it’s best to make sure that your face won’t have any excess oil, dirt, and sweat.

Having minimal amounts of these present in itself means that, well, there’s not going to be anything to clog your pores.

And you know what that means? No pimples!

So go ahead and wash your face and oily nose if you haven’t yet. Be sure to use alcohol-free cleansers and skin care products to prevent any irritation, too.

Use a Moisturizer REGULARLY

Based on the name itself, moisturizers help your skin stay hydrated. It prevents your face from producing any more oils, and so no pimples.

After washing up, it would be in your best interest to use a fragrance-free and non-comedogenic moisturizer for that radiant glow!

It could also help if you use a moisturizer that’s infused with BHA.

Use Water-Based Makeup

For some people, makeup is non-negotiable. Some people don’t feel comfortable or themselves without it, and that’s fine! Live your life, girl!

Do whatever it takes to make you feel better about yourself.

However, we can’t ignore the effects of makeup on your face. Natural or water-based makeup are better options because none of them clog your face.

AVOID makeup with ingredients like mineral oil and cocoa butter to have greater chances of preventing the appearance of pimples.

Cocoa butter, in particular, is highly comedogenic so watch out for it.

You can watch this quick tutorial by Haley Kim for the best guide to cover any pimple scab you have using the right makeup:

Drink Up & Stay Hydrated

If you’re wondering how pimples emerge, the concept’s pretty simple. Water makes up more than half of your body. This means your body produces more oils when it lacks water.




It really pays to drink enough glasses of water a day for healthy and good-looking skin!

Stop. Touching. Your. Face

If you don’t know yet, your hands are ONE OF THE DIRTIEST PARTS of your body.

And well, no sane person in the world wants all that junk on their face.

It’s actually pretty disgusting when you think about it. Do yourself a favor by stopping that bad habit of touching your face.

If you have difficulties restraining yourself, use a hand sanitizer to minimize the entrance of germs.



If you’ve reached this part of the article, we want to say that no one really minds that pimple. And even if someone did, that pimple DOES NOT make you any less beautiful.

All we hope for is that you become happy and comfortable with your appearance. And that’s whether you decide to use concealer or not in the end.

Acne or no acne, we think that you’ll always look your best!


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