March 25, 2020

Modern Kitchen Tour

Wanna know where Slater and I hang out the most in the #Skypod? Yup.. in the #Skykitchen!

We’re steadily becoming home bodies and really enjoy our time together working around the kitchen (mostly me tho lol), making something good and healthy.

Slater and I dedicated days to plan how our kitchen should look like – from thinking about the color scheme to getting the right kitchen ware and appliances.

If you guys watched the HUGE Amazon Haul video I did last week, you’ll find the items already set up in kitchen.

Join me as I tour you around one of my most favorite places to hang out!

We bought most of our “kitchen instruments” (lol) on Amazon! Read more about it here.

Do you know that you can now  do an online shopping spree, and not worry about shipping to the Philippines, or extra customs charges? Try Shipping Cart and get 15% off the first time(min 5lbs for air cargo)!

Here’s some products in the kitchen:

1. All Clad Cookware Set  2. All Clad Kitchen Tool Set 3. All Clad Pasta Laddle

4. Vitamix A3500  5. Delta Trinsic Single Handle Touch Sink 6. Matte Black Towel Racks 7. Matte Black Handles

8. Prepworks progressive magnetic measuring spoons 9. Air Mega Air Filter 10. Square Shower Drain 11. Simple Human Sink Caddie  12. Simple Human Automatic Soap Pump 13. OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

14. All Clad Cookware Cleaner 15. Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer 16. June Oven (Alternative Oven) 17. Lucendi Lights 18. Manila Mercantile Gold Handles


What I’m wearring:

Dress from Love Bonito
Earrings From February Lifestyle

37 Responses

  1. Such a cool and futuristic kitchen!!! Ughh super duper love this kitchen tour! God bless you always queen💖 #10KryzzzieGiveaways #10KryzzzieYears

  2. Hi Kryz! I love that your kitchen isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also very functional, i think i would be as neat freak as you when i have my own kitchen someday 💕 who made your handmade quartz countertop? can’t wait for your other house tour vlogs!

  3. Hi
    You have a pretty kitchen there. Do u mind sharing what’s the brand of your black sink? Ive been searching for it.

  4. Hi Ms Kryz. Hope you can find time to reply. Just want to know where did you buy your glass food containers with stainless lids in your pantry and what brand. I saw them in your modern kitchen tour episode.thanks

  5. Hi Kryz,

    Really like the look and color scheme of your kitchen cabinets! Would you mind sharing me with the type of wood, name of the color and finish you used on the cabinets?

    Thanks very much!!

  6. In the first part of the video, you mentioned a foreign concept—’dirty kitchen’. Would it be alright if I request for one? It would be interesting to know how a dirty kitchen looks like with your special touch. (I’m jumping to the conclusion that dirty kitchen is a norm in The Philippines.)

  7. In the first part of your video, you mentioned a foreign concept—dirty kitchen. Would it be alright to request for one? It would be interesting to know how the Sky Pod Dirty Kitchen would like. (I’m jumping to the conclusion that dirty kitchen is a norm in The Philippines.)

  8. Hi Kryz!

    Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful kitchen : ) I would love to buy the 3 round lamps…may I know where I buy it and what is the name of the lamp?

  9. Hi there 🙂

    I was searching through kitchen tours in youtube and I found yours. I just love your kitchen. I’m moving into my new home for the first time so I wanted to get inspired. I also saw your see through coffee cup so I was wondering where you got it from. Could you please let me know? Thank you💕

  10. Hi Kryz, I hope you and the family are well! I recently stumbled upon your Skypod video on YouTube and very impressed with the house and of course the kitchen! I’m curious to know the brand of the toaster oven you guys have? The touch screen one? Where you toast the bread for your breakfasts! We bought a new home here in Toronto so would like to see if they sell that in North America…cross fingers.

    Thanks and much love,

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