March 25, 2020

HUGE Amazon Haul for the #Skypod!!


Now that I’m a tita, I feel like shopping for home appliances and furniture is soooo fun! lol

Nowadays, every me-time I manage to slip into my daily schedule I spend it mostly on learning my way around the house (the kitchen, specifically). So it’s no surprise that most of the items on this list are for the kitchen. The strange thing is, I added most of these into my amazon cart before we even moved in! That was Kryz- pre tita. Kryz- before learning how to cook and clean. Thank you Youtube and Google for helping me decide (and decide correctly) which items to invest in. I have no regrets!

1. All Clad Cookware Set  2. All Clad Kitchen Tool Set 3. All Clad Pasta Laddle

4. Vitamix A3500  5. Nest Cameras & Home Security  6. Mi Home


With my new kitchen tools I feel so inspired to learn new recipes that Slater and I can enjoy. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn how to cook for a simple feast and even start inviting people over? It’s a lot of work but I am just excited to make something with my new kitchenware!

7. Delta Trinsic Single Handle Touch Sink 8. Matte Black Towel Racks 9. Matte Black Handles

10. Matte Black Tissue Holder  11. Prepworks progressive magnetic measuring spoons

 12. InstaShiatsu Foot Massager


Slater and I order construction and plumbing tools online too. It’s really hard to get your hands on specific designs and colors, and they seem to be unavailable in local stores. I’m so happy that it’s now too easy pick the right tools online and get them shipped here. If you’re worried about shipping to the Philippines, or extra customs charges, you might want to try Shipping Cart.

You, my dear readers, get 15% off the first time you use ShippingCart (min 5lbs for air cargo).

13. Air Mega Air Filter 14. Square Shower Drain 15. Simple Human Sink Caddie

   16. Simple Human Automatic Soap Pump 17. OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

18. All Clad Cookware Cleaner

Of all the house chores there is, I guess what I’m most particular about is cleaning the dishes. Weird, huh? Sometimes I can even be a little too passionate about it – after all, these are things that touch what you put in your body! They have to be extra clean!

19. Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer 20. June Oven (Alternative Oven) 21. Casper Mattress


Watch the full vlog and pick up a tip or two as I go through everything we invested on!


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21 Responses

        1. How about the food glass canisters in your modern kitchen tour. Where did you purchase them and what brand? Tnx

  1. Hello Ms Kryz! I loved your pantry👌they’re adorable. I would like to ask where did you purchased them?谢谢

  2. Hi Kryz! Id like to know how to get that 15% off on shippingcart, everytime i click your link it just goes straight to their home page.
    There was a lot of negative reviews online about shippingcart so im kinda worried.
    And I was planning to buy something over 200usd so im worried about the custom tax, I really hope i dont have to pay for that!
    Hope you can ease my anxieties!

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