Ukay-ukay VS High Street- Can You Tell?


Hey all fashionistas – let’s play a game!

My team and I recently went to a few of Cebu’s local thrift shops – “Ukay-ukay” or simply, “ukay” as its popularly called in the country and thought we’d share the experience with you guys!

The idea of ukay (for those who doesn’t know it yet) is basically to search (or scavenge lol) upon racks of pre-loved clothing. I hear most of the clothes are brought in from other countries- which is probably why there are so many brands in the pile that you can’t find in the Philippines. It’s like a great treasure hunt!

I remember how I used to visit thrift shops a lot in Manila, back when I was in college. It’s hard to come up interesting pieces on a student budget, and since we didn’t have a uniform where I studied- everyday was an opportunity for fashion! Thrift shopping was the only way to get what I needed. I’m sure a lot of you have done this too. Yes?

If you’re patient enough inside a thrift shop, you’ll eventually find clothes that are so good- they look brand new and expensive. I managed to score a few gorgeous ones on my recent visit!

And so we realized, why don’t we mess with you a bit… lol

I picked up some of my best ukay finds and placed them beside a few high street pieces from my own closet.

Can you tell which is which?

Let the games begin!

Brunch with the gals. Going for a classic Sunday look with these two pieces – classically priceless, but which is from the thrift shop?


Casual Neutral Days. Rocking an everyday look that spells P-O-L-I-S-H-E-D. Which one comes with a price tag?


Granny not-Granny Look. Vintage is a look that can be sooo chic, and it’s best to find legit vintage pieces from the thrift shop. Which look hails from the treasure hunt?


Glam and Cocktails. Tonight-we-party-look! Which eye-catching piece is from the thrift shop?


Date Night. Going out with hubs and dressing up as a real fancy. Which ensemble came with a price?


Done guessing? Find out if you got 5 out of 5 right by watch the video below!