Winter White

Can you guys feel the summer heat burning away already?? Man, its so hot here in Boracay, 5 minutes under the sun and I already feel like I’m gonna melt! Before the sun gets even hotter in the coming days, here’s a chilly post to keep us in a cooler mood. I can’t believe I shot this just a month and a half ago in HongKong when the weather was so cold, I could hardly feel my toes! Now, it’s completely the opposite. Crazy right? Hope you guys stay under cool weather! Oh, and Happy Palm Sunday!

Sheinside coat, WAGW top and pants, Prada bag, Sunnies by Charlie

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Dream with Gleam

Hello from one of my favorite summer spots in the Philippines- Boracay!!! So happy to be here for Women’s Health Philippines, covering Beauty and the Beach event. #PerksOfBeingABlogger is definitely getting to go on fun trips like these! In today’s digital world, everything is built on rocket speed and everyone wants information at the click of a finger. My instagram feed is already bursting with photos and videos for my past days here in the Island! But speaking of our new demand for speed and access to so much information- times are definitely changing. 3 second delays in loading time are feel like an eternity, and places where there isn’t any signal are places we dread visiting. In the world of fashion, we see clothes come down the runway, and want it by the end of the show, never mind that it takes 6 months for production. We always want whats in, whats new, whats hot, whats fast- and realistically, this is most of the time impossible. Everyone wants a dream closet filled with the lastest designer pieces to play around with. Heck, that’s been my impossible dream for years now! But while I am financially (and emotionally) unwilling to splurge on this, I have found a fun little solution. A dream closet where anything I want is a click away. A virtual playground at least- and absolutely FREE. I’m talking about Gleam, another seriously addicting fashion app.

Gleam provides users with their digital dream closets where they can create looks, explore some done by well known Top Gleamers around the world, and most importantly, decide from there what they want to purchase. If I can’t have my real life dream closet, I can still play mix and match online with over 400 new fashion images curated and updated daily on to the app! It’s my current auto-pilot app to open when I’m stuck in traffic or when I need to think of what to wear or what to put on my must buy list, or even while I’m tanning by the beach! Download Gleam from the Play store (play store here) or the Gleam website and live vicariously through your virtual closets!

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Rosenthal Tee, or Chantal as I’m used to calling her, is a friend of mine from university. She was always the artist, crafting fringe necklaces and selling them online way before the trend went viral. She went to Instituto Marangoni London to study fashion design after graduation, and came back to Manila with a whole slew of chic ideas (as manifested by her ootds and lookbook photos on instagram). This cute little girl has a strong knack for structure and proportion, and I can’t wait for her to come up with her full RTW line so I can buy everything! If this gown looks familiar to you, you’ve probably seen it on my own instagram/facebook/twitter feed a few weeks ago. Chantal had my back when I had a last minute engagement to attend the Bb. Pilipinas Coronation night as a Creamsilk Ambassador- with a necessarily pink long gown requisite. She came to my rescue with this immensely well crafted gown that I highly recommend to debutants or prom queens! I’ve never had a low plunge gown fit so well! To everyone out there looking for fresh design blood, hit her up!

Rosenthal Tee Gown

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