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Hello from one of my favorite summer spots in the Philippines- Boracay!!! So happy to be here for Women’s Health Philippines, covering Beauty and the Beach event. #PerksOfBeingABlogger is definitely getting to go on fun trips like these! In today’s digital world, everything is built on rocket speed and everyone wants information at the click of a finger. My instagram feed is already bursting with photos and videos for my past days here in the Island! But speaking of our new demand for speed and access to so much information- times are definitely changing. 3 second delays in loading time are feel like an eternity, and places where there isn’t any signal are places we dread visiting. In the world of fashion, we see clothes come down the runway, and want it by the end of the show, never mind that it takes 6 months for production. We always want whats in, whats new, whats hot, whats fast- and realistically, this is most of the time impossible. Everyone wants a dream closet filled with the lastest designer pieces to play around with. Heck, that’s been my impossible dream for years now! But while I am financially (and emotionally) unwilling to splurge on this, I have found a fun little solution. A dream closet where anything I want is a click away. A virtual playground at least- and absolutely FREE. I’m talking about Gleam, another seriously addicting fashion app.

Gleam provides users with their digital dream closets where they can create looks, explore some done by well known Top Gleamers around the world, and most importantly, decide from there what they want to purchase. If I can’t have my real life dream closet, I can still play mix and match online with over 400 new fashion images curated and updated daily on to the app! It’s my current auto-pilot app to open when I’m stuck in traffic or when I need to think of what to wear or what to put on my must buy list, or even while I’m tanning by the beach! Download Gleam from the Play store (play store here) or the Gleam website and live vicariously through your virtual closets!

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Rosenthal Tee, or Chantal as I’m used to calling her, is a friend of mine from university. She was always the artist, crafting fringe necklaces and selling them online way before the trend went viral. She went to Instituto Marangoni London to study fashion design after graduation, and came back to Manila with a whole slew of chic ideas (as manifested by her ootds and lookbook photos on instagram). This cute little girl has a strong knack for structure and proportion, and I can’t wait for her to come up with her full RTW line so I can buy everything! If this gown looks familiar to you, you’ve probably seen it on my own instagram/facebook/twitter feed a few weeks ago. Chantal had my back when I had a last minute engagement to attend the Bb. Pilipinas Coronation night as a Creamsilk Ambassador- with a necessarily pink long gown requisite. She came to my rescue with this immensely well crafted gown that I highly recommend to debutants or prom queens! I’ve never had a low plunge gown fit so well! To everyone out there looking for fresh design blood, hit her up!

Rosenthal Tee Gown

Hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

Happy Skin

Having a very busy schedule packed with shoots, beach trips, city excursions and lots of time under the sun takes it toll on my skin. Imagine all of the make up that’s layered on to you for hours in a day + all of the dust and dirt from your surroundings that stick to it. (Ew) I always make sure to cleanse and moisturize properly because bad skin can make you look like you’ve aged so much faster. Girls, I highly recommend that you never go to bed with make up (more on this soon), and always always shower before you sleep and before you start your day. You don’t want smelly sheets and smelly clothes right? Anywayyy, I always love trying new products, especially when they’re natural and organic- and especially when they have cute packaging! My recent haul comes from Happy Skin and includes a variety of soaps, lotions and SPFs (my all time must haves). I loooove skin products so much, I even once considered doing a beauty blog! But it entails so much more work (and time that I don’t have!) So today, since I am still stress-free, I will try my best to do a decent skin care post for you, featuring Happy Skin products!
I know some of y’all are totally against skin whitening (as am I- how much whiter can I get??!), but I do like whitening products because they address discoloration issues like scars and uneven skin tone. I prefer whitening over tanning because even though my ultimate dream is to have beautifully bronze Brazilian skin, I don’t think it suits my very asian facade! Plus, I also know a lot of my Filipina readers are in love with whitening products (based on comments about my kili kili lol), so for those of you out there, this one is for you!
The photo above is Happy Skin’s Extreme Bright body set which includes:
Extreme bright night lotion 120ml
Extreme bright day lotion w/ SPF 70 120ml
Extreme bright soap 150g
Extreme bright scrub 100g
Extreme bright body compound 100g
The extreme bright products are infused with grape seed extract that keeps the skin young and naturally light with double acting anti-aging properties. Alpha arbutin doubles the whitening property and kojic acid enzyme that gently exfoliates & rejuvenated the skin, thus preventing cellular damage, premature aging and prevents skin discoloration.
Also up there is the Day Elixir w/ SPF 45 -a concealer/serum for day use that’s infused with mulberry, citrus fruits and glutathione. It lightens, smoothens and gives skin a flawless finish while nourishing skin and protecting it from ageing. I love products that give coverage and have positive benefits for the skin at the same time! Super sulit sa time!
I also love giving away soaps as presents or part of giveaways just because they are so cute and fun! Happy Skin has these available for you:
Flawless gluta soap which inhibits melanin production, detoxifies, moisturizes and hydrates the skin while targeting uneven skin tone.
 Kojic Papaya soap which has 2 of the popular whitening ingredients in Asia-kojic and papaya. This prevents age spots and hyper pigmentation. It can also dry up pimples, rejuvenate and brighten skin with skin firming and exfoliating effects.
Black bleaching soap
which I was so interested in, just because- hey! It’s black soap! Surprisingly, it’s also good for facial whitening, removing pimples, freckles and other skin blemishes. Though I like my freckles, so I don’t use this on my face! It also has singkamas which resists free radicals in cells, accelerates skin’ metabolism and moisturizes skin.
Pimple-Away soap which eliminates pimples (DUH), blackheads and white heads. It treats moderate acne, wrinkles and sun damaged skin.
+ the Extreme Bright I was talking about earlier.

Last but not the least is the Skin Essentials set for combination skin which includes:
Skin essentials for combination skin day cream w/ SPF 45
Skin essentials for combination skin toner
Skin essentials for combination skin night serum
Happy Skin essentials soap
This set looks gross on my photo because it got wet (lol) but it’s supposed to detoxify and balance the Skins PH levels as well as prevents cellular damage and formation of free radicals while brightening the skin. The ingredients that make up this pack include the antioxidants Seaweed which is good source of vitamin e, and Acai berry which has a wide range of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids good for the skin.

Phew! That was a lot of research up there. But I’m so happy to use products that are made of natural ingredients, and of course, that are proudly Pinoy made! If you’re a sucker for all things organic like me, you can find Happy Skin on Facebook and Instagram or contact them by:
Mobile: +639176204387
Hope you found this post useful!
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