Make up for it

Photo by Aaron Vicencio for Suelas They made me get on a bike and fall a million times. I had no childhood, and thus, never learned to ride this mechanical wonder. Decided to prop it up against the curb and cheat my way through the photoshoot. I made ...



Let me cheat on my hiatus. I have one article left! By the great Papa A! Kryz for Suelas 2010 from Aaron Vicencio on Vimeo. Click here if video doesn't load.

So much news to take

Last night, I was asked to be featured at another magazine, making the "sorry-i-cant-make-it-to-manila-next-week" count add up to 3. Sad sad sad sad sad. Did I mention I was sad? What else to do but find some way to cheer myself up? Thank you mom, once again, for your endless closet full of ultra cute clothes. ...


One for the road

For some reason, today turned out to be a really really bad one. Aside from the fact that my mom, sisters and I had to get up at 4 in the morning, the airport experiences we had were just ...


Thank you, mom!

My sisters and I got invites to the Glitterati Fashion Show at SM Cebu's Northwing Atrium. We always end up wearing the same things to these events, so we decided to call dibs on whoever thought of her outfit first. ...