More on Japan and how to help



Photos here.

How to help:

There’s a way to help Japan by sending donations as low as Php 100 care of Groupon Philippines, which promises to match your donations that will be given to the Red Cross International Relief Fund for Japan.
Click here to know how.

The tease.

Watch out for this! Coming to you this summer!

Super Duper

Extremefinds necklaces, WAGW top, belt, skirt, headband

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So I’ve finally gotten over my fear of color, and look at this bright burst of vigor! I feel like screaming whoooooooohooooo! And eating cupcakes and twirling around and painting my walls and making funny faces! Thanks to extreme finds for sending me these cute necklaces. They perfectly punctuate the look. Sometimes I hate being so trend conscious, but it’s hard not to be with the line of work I’m in. Also, who can resist a trend that sets you up on an all time high?

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