Here we go

Hey guys, remember this? To those of you who don't, this photo was taken last May during the Balletcenter recital that I guested in. Stephanie Ann Chau was awesome enough to make a wire sculpture out of it! She sent it to me a few days back, and I totally forgot to share ...


WAGW x Port 88

Hi Girls! Don't forget to mark your calendars for the 31st and 1st! 10% discount from all WAGW merchandise awaits the first 88 customers! See you there! Click here for WAGW at Port 88.

And she says its okay

Old outfit, new photos. Still cant decide if I want to replace my header or not. Still by JackKaye. Still busy. Still flying to Manila tomorrow! Still have that one more article. Still cheating on ...


Make up for it

Photo by Aaron Vicencio for Suelas They made me get on a bike and fall a million times. I had no childhood, and thus, never learned to ride this mechanical wonder. Decided to prop it up against the curb and cheat my way through the photoshoot. I made ...



Let me cheat on my hiatus. I have one article left! By the great Papa A! Kryz for Suelas 2010 from Aaron Vicencio on Vimeo. Click here if video doesn't load.