I took some advice and decided to place a watermark on my pictures to prevent the plagiarizing. Hopefully, this works. Thank you to everyone who's been supporting me on my war against the other thirstythoughts out there haha. Both accounts have been disabled. Thank you to the blog hosts ...


Blog Plagiarism 2

Guys, please. GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK hahahaha Really? She copied everything, even my blog titles. And whats more? She can't spell, nor speak proper english! This is getting pathetic. :))

One last time.

Taken by Polky Yu and Candice Ruiz from yesterday's show. It sucks that this has to be my last concert (for real this time). Tonight will be the very last show, the very last stage, and the very last performance of my entire ...


50 years from now.

Mumbo Jumbo.

Yuri Lee from the Lookbook team offered to have me change my blog's lookbook widget into a better one. Now it won't work! :( Anyone know how to fix this? Also...