SoFA so far

For my first Fashion Illustration class, the teacher asked us to draw a fashion figure free hand. I have NEVER drawn anything resembling a fashion croquis EVER in my life, so you would understand why I got all nervous. (Well, that reason stands aside from overdosing on a venti cup of joe.) So anyhow, I start sketching and come up with the first outfit (and probably the easiest to draw) that came to mind. I didn’t really intend for it to come out like a 1920s couture gown, it just sort of fell into place. Happily, my teacher said, and I quote: “Actually, it works!” A jolt of relief and a few smiles later, I tweeted it. Oh yes, I bragged. So sue me.

…and after you check out/criticize my drawing, check out my awesome photography skillz (with a z!). WHUTUP.

Above: Readers, meet everyone. Everyone, meet readers.

Below: Readers meet 2 out of 8 SOFA-CADs girls, Dan and Alyssa (with whom I have a semi-matching outfit.)

I was supposed to wear a slim tie with this outfit and tuck it into my skirt, but I left all my ties in Cebu. I attempted to use a black satin ribbon instead, but it was too short, and too awkward. Oh well!

I’m super having fun so far. Hope everything else goes well for me and for everyone else! Ta!x

We are as lonely as we want to be

Moms vintage lace polo, WAGW floral romper, Trunkshow flats, Wholesale-dress bag

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Thanks to Wholesale-dress for the cute tote and to Trunkshow for the cute shoes!


I am super ecstatic to hear that my boyfriend will be coming to visit me soon! YAY! That news sure cures a weekend worth of lonely. I think I should really stop whining about being homesick and learn to suck it up a bit. After all, I am the one who asked for this opportunity, and I knew this would happen. Okay, so I promise: No more whining.

In other news, I feel very relaxed to have finally woken up late! I was up before the sunrise for the past two weeks, and this morning was the first time I actually got some decent sleep. The only bad part is, I totally have to rush to class. à demain!


This is as sporty as Im gonna get.

WAGW top and skirt, Sole Service flats

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

This photo was shot months ago for Sole Service’s new line of flats. They were inspired by the Lacoste ads, which explains why I’m jumping quite awkwardly. Note that after this shoot, I have absolute respect for those Lacoste models.

I got this top and skirt from WAGW’s Soda Pop collection, which went out about the same time we had this shoot. A couple of months ago, and in the fashion calendar, EONS ago. So why am I posting about this outdated look? Well, 2 reasons.

One, I’m getting fat (Well, at least I think I am.) I was looking for a new sport, and browsing my archives for memories of what other physical activity I used to do aside from dancing. This is as close as I got. And I realized, the reason why I never really got into sports was because I was never really fond of having to wear rubber shoes. (OMG I know I’m shallow, please don’t hurt me.) My bestfriend and I share the same sentiments, which is probably one of the reasons why we are best friends in the first place.

Second, I was doing some trend forecasting research (a bit late in the season, I might add) and came to notice a trend for some kind of sophisticated and polished activewear. No, this is not my take on it. It merely reminds me of the “active” part of activewear. (OMG I’m so lame, I totally know it.) And I got to thinking, I wonder how sports uniforms would be like if they were re-styled to fit trends in every season? They’re always pragmatic in design, and more or less the same in aesthetic. I wonder if anyone’s actually thinking about changing it up a bit? Hmmm…. Any thoughts?

Lastly (and in no way connected to what I’ve been saying), I had my first official SOFA class today! It was Fashion and the Arts, taught by the insanely gorgeous and impossibly chic, Amina Aranaz Alunan. She’s so inspiring and incredibly cute when she shares too much and loses track of her discussion. Little quirks like these totally draw me to a person. There’s so much more character and mystery that way. Anyhoo, cheers for a great past few days, and hoping for more to come. Hope you all had good times too!

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