Bug of the Tropics.

First off, my apologies for the sudden blogging hiatus. 26 units plus CADs finally caught up with me. Also, I found out last weekend that the reason for my extremely high temperature, volatile joint pains and sudden loss of appetite was that I have DENGUE. :( The horrible bug of the tropics infected me! Actually, I've had it since two ...


Gareth Pugh

Okay, I promised myself that I wouldn't blog today because I need to study for my history exam tomorrow, but..... OMG GARETH PUGH! I need an exemption! I was looking through lookbook and I found a girl FROM THE PHILIPPINES who actually dared to wear a piece from his collection. CAN. NOT. GET. OVER. IT. (insert awe, shock and other emotions ...


Lego Baby

Meet Hall-e, the robot. We made her today in CS class totally from Lego! DSC-6428 Here we are programming her. She moves her arms and shakes her body. :) Holly Back

CADs and CUDs

Im still sick. :( Oh well, what better to do than to waste the day away with my treasured blog. (: Joel Gallarde, one of THE CADs FOUNDERS, is in town! He's currently residing in New Zealand where he dances with Triple8Funk and CUDs (haha, it stands for "Company of University Dancers"). We're so privileged to be able to have him hold workshops ...


Cynical Fever

I hate being sick. Especially when there's whole line-up of activities waiting for me. I was supposed to have a gig today with my girls for JPES at Jaipur, but last night, at around 10pm, I started feeling really really chilly, and then really really sick. I couldn't sleep the whole night. I didn't turn the air-conditioning on, but I ...