Touchdown, HongKong!

Finally, some layers!!! HongKong is like my second home and I love how easy it is to get there at any time of year! After a series of beach trips, my sisters and I made it to this city to spend some quality work time together. Some of you who follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and saw some of these photos as they happened commented on how awesome my life is, getting to travel around for work and do shoots and stuff. Well, I’m not gonna lie, I do love my job (it’s the best!) and I wouldn’t voluntarily give it up. But it’s no walk in the park either! Each job has it’s responsibilities, and some of mine include: having to get made up every single day (sorry skin!), shooting under the heat of the noon-day sun, just to get those perfect shots (sorry skin again!), not being able to enjoy an experience, simply because you have to document it properly (sorry friends, sorry self!), spending so much on clothes, travel, cameras and roaming!!! (sorry wallet!), having to meet and adjust to clients needs or having to live up to high expectations, meeting and working with people who will judge, belittle and accuse you- and soooo much more. I can’t really go into details but just know that behind each person’s success is a series of failures and a whole lot of hardwork. It’s just that we tend to focus and highlight the positive to give encouragement and inspiration, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any sweat blood and tears in there! So to everyone who want’s to have a job they love, or to be good at something and do it for work- the key is to work hard, have a pure heart (with pure intentions), and do your best! Happy weekend everyone!


Speaking of hardwork- please excuse my stressed out haggard face with very small but very badly applied make up! It’s all the work! lol

Romwe sweater, skirt (similar here), and boots, Sunnies by Charlie, Sheinside coat (similar here), Prada bag

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Story of Life

I never thought I’d be one of those women in jeans and a polo, but hello- here I am! And I absolutely love this look. It makes me feel so confident in my own skin, and totally chic without trying too hard. I guess life has a funny way of surprising you, not only in the way we dress, but in the paths we take as well. I’m sure I’ve said it many times before, but I never expected my life to take this drastic turn because of my blog and all of you guys. I was talking about this to my high school friends a few days ago. Way back when, we were all in Cebu, all without boyfriends and didn’t know where life would take us. We promised each other that we’d keep close, always meet up every week and never grow apart. Fast forward to 8 years later, we are all doing things we never knew we would or could. Some of us have kids, some have boyfriends, some have moved away and some have lost touch. Most of all, we couldn’t believe how 8 years has changed us, and how it’s actually been 8 years. Time flies so fast! I always thought people who dressed like my outfit today were sooo old and way beyond my league. Now, it’s an everyday look that I feel so comfortable in! I just hope stretchy pants and monotone jogging suits are things I will never meet in my lifetime. But then again, who knows?

Guess Polo and Pants (similar here), H&M cape, Celine bag, Aldo heels (similar here)

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Lantaw Over the Mountains

There are so many beautiful places I wish I could explore every day, but I’m limited by time, work and money! I wish I had all the means in the world to travel, but as for now, saving up and finding hidden gems in the city ain’t so bad. My family drove over to the mountains one sunday to satiate my (annoying) need for a new place to explore, and we ended up at Lantaw in Busay, Cebu. Can I just say- wow. This view though. Isn’t it breathtaking? Imagine having Sunday brunch overlooking this wonder with your nearest and dearest. It’s an absolute dream! We stayed for ours just soaking up the sun and laughing with each other. My dad even booked the place for his birthday celebration a few days ago. Definitely taking my friends here when they come visit. <3 What do you think?

Top (similar here), WAGW skirt (sold out), Birkenstock slippers, Givenchy bag, Pandora bracelet, Zero UV sunnies

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