The Not So Wild- Amsterdam

When you think of Amsterdam for the first time, what comes to mind? Most likely, the scenes that flash through your head are the not so pretty ones. Red light district? Flying panties? Stoned tourists? Well, Jack and I aren't really into that sort of thing. #mature #signsofaging So this time around, ...


High On Life in Amsterdam

Second leg of the Eurotrip continues! Jack and I had the best time in Den Haag trying to be "local" with our awesome friends Boogie and Bardo. We spent a day going around Amsterdam and doing not-so-touristy things and another day eating everything at Rotterdam. Ahhh so much mems! Enjoy!  

Finding Home In Den Haag

After London, Jack and I headed straight to Den Haag in The Netherlands to spend time with one of Jack's best friends, Boogie. We stayed at her lovely place, met her partner, Bardo and their super cute dog Pommeche. I must say, this leg of the trip was the one that made ...


Lights, Camera, Action

Hello friends! Here's a break from all the curated content and jetting around the world. Today's post will be back to Kryz. A quick update on my current situation. I'm sitting down in front of my computer right now chatting with you guys cause... I need a break. Whew! It's been crazy ...


Ask Slater and Kryz

 So, I'm dating a bully. And you will definitely see how that description of Slater is so accurate when you check out the video we just shot below. It's a mini sit down sesh where we answer some of the questions you guys have asked us about our relationship. I honestly enjoyed ...